Job Karma Requested

When Fuzzy and I bailed on the bay area and moved to Texas, the plan was that I was going to do contract work for my old company and concentrate on writing. Well, the writing is starting to click, but the not-so-pretty electric bill has made me think that it's time to dip my toe back in the corporate waters. At least for a while.

So, today I went online to Monster and MortgageBoard and CareerBuilder to update my resumes and see what was there, and I found an underwriting position (something I've wanted to move into for a while, but chickened out of a couple years ago) that is not only local, and a perfect match for my skills and experience, but is offered by the company that trained me, which CEO is a personal friend of my mother. And the post is dated today.

Taking it as a sign, I emailed my chirpy cover letter and resume off to the recruiter, and then sent a less formal and more chirpy email off to the CEO. And now, I ask that all of you offer positive thoughts, and suchlike, because while I've never had a problem getting a job, this is the first time in a long time that I've WANTED a position.

(Also, I'm betting my writing will be better and flow easier because productivity breeds productivity, and frankly, I feel like I've been stagnating.)

Thanks in advance.