T3: All Things Girl

Onesome: All– all the world’s a stage… So what types of issues put you on your soapbox?
I don’t generally talk about politics in my blog, but I do have strong opinions. My biggest personal issue is reproductive choice – it’s NOT about being for or against HAVING an abortion. It’s about individuals being able to choose what is right for them. Beyond that…social justice, peace, animal welfare, though not to the extreme that organizations like PETA go to.

Twosome: Things– what sort of things are you most likely to purchase “spur of the moment” when shopping?
Books, pens, cool stationery, hats, the perfect lip gloss, earrings, and shoes.

Threesome: Girl– sugar and spice and everything nice? Come now, what are YOU really made of?
Me? I’m baggy v-neck sweatshirts over lacy tank tops, and comfortable sneakers. I’m strong coffee, red wine, and dark chocolate. I’m pen and ink and 0’s and 1’s and words and music and rhythm. I’m jazz and blues and standards, old folk songs, and songs of consious, a touch of classical, a peck of pop and rock, a glimmer of gospel, and just enough country to make things interesting. I’m funky hats and dangly earrings and hair color that is subject to change without notice. I’m books and quilts, cuddly dogs and mugs of tea. I’m the scent of damp earth mixed with the essence of fresh-cut flowers: iris, calla lilies, sunflowers. I’m eggplant, garlic, tomatoes, and olives. I’m purple and forest green and faded black, alternating with fiery orange and red. I am one in the morning, and I am the morning sun. But mostly, I’m just Melissa.