Last year, when I was still an employee of a mortgage company in California, and not a contract processor and wannabe freelance writer, my friend Jeremy, acting in his role as Uber-Cool Assistant whose admin skills are second only to his hugging skills, created an up-to-date mailing list for the company.

I KNOW that I have a copy on disc, and I KNOW that he emailed it to me before either of us had left the company. In fact, I sort of vaguely remember deleting the emailed copy, in a fit of ‘housecleaning.’

Can I find it? No.

So, since I volunteered to do a mailing for said company (for a hefty fee, paid in advance, of course), I’ve had to re-create the stupid mailing list.


There are times when my “delete” key really should be taken away.

One thought on “Frustration

  1. Oh…how I hate my delete key. I lost an entire back up CD with files I needed because I thought I had it in another place. Baleeted!!!! All gone.

    I hear ya!

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