Here comes the rain again…

I was awakened by a bright light in my eyes at about five this morning. As I was in the middle of a film noir-type dream at the time, my semi-conscious brain turned a too-long, too-bright flash of lightning into the interrogation lamp at a grungy police station. Or at least, my imagined version of one.

Fuzzy and Cleo were blissfully snoring, unaffected by the flashes and bangs of the storm, but Zorro was agitated, and kept moving from my pillow to near my feet and back again. Chihuahua claws are not at all pleasant on bare shoulders, by the way. Also, since I’d been itchy and pleghmy at bedtime, I’d already awakened once before, at two-thirty, to take an antihistamine.

I spent all day on the net reworking a loan with my mother, but it won’t be ready to submit til tomorrow. Which is good really, because I’ve been drowsy all day – the antihistamine hit me harder than they usually do, I think because I haven’t been drinking coffee every day (try not to faint) or taking them very often. I wanted to nap, but then we had the loan to fix, and by the time we were done it was nearly five and I hadn’t eaten, but I finally went into the bedroom at about six, opened all the windows to let the cool (if damp) air in, and slept for a couple of hours. I’m fighting sleep as I write this, really, but Fuzzy’s working online, and the dogs get agitated if we’re in separate rooms, and anyway, it’s nice being near him when we haven’t seen each other all day.

One more complaint: I’m hot. I don’t think it’s actually horribly hot in here, but I’m hot, and I really want to take a sledgehammer to the thermostat in here. There’s some weird temperature balance prgrammed into it, that causes one of the sensors or fire alarms to emit high-pitched beeps every thirty seconds until the temperatures equalize. For the first three weeks we were here, we could set the temp to 71, but if it was set cooler, we got the stupid beeping. This week, apparently because it’s cooler outside, we’re stuck in the 74-78 range, which seems comfortable, I suppose, but since all the windows in the apartment are on the same wall, here’s no cross-ventilation, so outside temps don’t cool the inside, especially if it’s sunny. Personally, I could learn to ignore the beeping, but they hurt Zorro’s ears – he apparently senses the sound just before we do – and he’s been hiding under the bed, and then I feel like a horrible dog-parent. Also, even though he hasn’t had a seizure in two and a half years, I’m terrified the sound might trigger one.

But there was some nice stuff today, even in my crabbytired fog. Like, the storm was amazing – if it hadn’t required putting on real clothes and climbing down three flights of stairs, I’d have been out dancing in the rain – and then in the mail there was a $600 refund from our old Mortgage company, which I hadn’t been expecting, and then I got the approval to be a co-ML for the DFW NaNoWriMo crew – so, all in all, a good day.

Tomorrow I will make the effort to go out into the rain, if there’s more, just because I know it’ll make me smile. And I’ll make a point of drinking coffee, despite the flat-basket coffee maker (it’s temporary, rented, not MINE, so no, not replacing it), because even if it won’t give me clarity, it’ll make Fuzzy stop sending me links about caffeine addiction.

House Countdown: 10 days