T3: Wild Blue Yonder

::Wild Blue Yonder!::

Onesome: Wild– Whoa! …wild times lately! Florida and neighboring states have been blown away; the Northeast has been deluged; California is shakin’ again; and the Pacific Northwest is getting ready to erupt. Okay, what’s too wild for you? What will you live with and what do you want to stay far, far away from?
Weatherwise, I can put up with anything except dry desert summers (think Arizona) or serious winter (think South Dakota). Anything else is fine, though I have to say, as someone who spent most of her life in California, it is not earthquakes that you have to worry about. Yes, they happen. Yes, they can be really horrible. But people who live in EQ country know how to build for them. If you’ve ever been at the top of a tall building during a quake, and felt it sway, you’ve experienced smart construction. (Swaying is good, the alternative is breaking.) So, it annoys me a lot when people from places like Florida say, “Oh, I’d never move to CA. They have earthquakes.” Well, I’d never move to coastal Florida, because there are hurricanes there *every year*, and yet people still rebuild.

Otherwise? I never ever ever ever want to experience apartment living again. Ever.

Twosome: Blue– Blue Delft? Off the wall: What color are your day to day dishes. …and does anyone in this crowd have some really nice stuff you like to break out for the upcoming holiday dinners?
They’re stoneware with cobalt blue trim. Very clean. They’re either faux Pfalzgraff or faux Dansk, but either way, I love them. They’re great because all of our serving pieces are in primary colors – mostly blue, but also red and yellow, and combinations thereof. I’ve mixed the Princess House apple orchard mugs and chips/dip dish, and some Mexican pottery in with them. For holidays, well, sometimes we use my grandmother’s Noritake, but it’s really much to delicate for my taste (it’s a single misty pink and grey rose, with a platinum band. Last year I found a set of Debbie Mumm Christmas Dishes at Tuesday Morning and I’d love to get another set or two in similar styles to go with them, for fun. (I don’t believe everything has to be matchy matchy.)

Threesome: Yonder– Oh, man, science fiction is reality: the private sector has reached space and is getting set to visit on a regular basis. Would you like to go out yonder? I mean, if the group with the five-seater offered you a suborbital flight, would you be up for that?
It’s fun to dream about, but I don’t even like planes (they’re uncivilized, but fast), so I doubt I’d enjoy the experience. Fuzzy would.