Falling Geckoes and Other Updates

Anxious, and poorly rested, we made it to our walk-through just a few minutes late. The sellers were out of the house, but showed up to apologize for the mess, and make sure the maids arrived. We dashed from the house to the bank to grab our cashier’s check for closing costs, then from there to the title company, where we signed thousands of pieces of paper. Note: Rattikin Title has very cool pens.

They were supposed to call us as soon as we’d funded, and they DID, but they called the apartment, where we were NOT, and not my cell. So we didn’t get keys til nine AM Friday, but, that’s not that big a deal.

Drove to Arlington, acquired keys, got to house – no power. Was fun watching the dogs explore their new space. The open space above the entry and living room, as well as the bridge that bisects it, really confuses them: they hear us talking, one of us upstairs, one of us downstairs, but cannot place the source of the sound. There is much running up and down the stairs and back and forth across the bridge.

By six, we finally had power, cable, phones, and hot water, as well, the guy from the flooring place had come buy to measure rooms – we’re yanking the carpet out of the bedrooms we’ve claimed as offices, and the living room, and replacing it with wood laminate. Later this year, we’ll be re-doing the dining room floor in tile (probably). As we left the house for the last time, to finish clearing our stuff from the apartment, a small white gecko landed in front of me, having fallen from the garage door.

The kitchen table and entertainment center were delivered on time, and are all assembled. I’ve got a temporary desk and chair, and we’ve ordered the flooring materials, as well as a washer and dryer. I spent a lovely hour reading in the tub, watching the pool fountains. I’m about to go take a shower, as I’ve been eaten alive by mosquitoes.

I’m tired, happy, excited, and totally in love with my house. Our belongings should arrive in a week or so…life is going forward.