Catching up

Well, I’m only at 14,679 words (as of 12:56 AM CST) but with Fuzzy drugged to the gills to kill the pain in his toe (he had an infected ingrown toenail completely removed today – if you’ve never had that done, it’s the WORST, and while it’s technically band-aid surgery, it’s incredibly painful band-aid surgery), I’m missing the DFW-NANO picnic tomorrow, and should be back on track by the end of the weekend. I know he’s in serious pain, because when he came home he went straight to bed, and didn’t even attempt to climb upstairs and check email.

In other news, I killed the scanner mechanism on my old HP-K60 office jet printer when I mailed it out here, and it was really slow, so after doing research, I have become the owner of a Lexmark 6100 all-in-one. It’s much sleeker than the HP, has cool light-up buttons, and the scanner part is a flat-bed, so even though I have no intention of using the fax capability, I’m really happy with the printer in general. It’s so FAST – I’d been looking at laster printers, but this is faster than most of them, and for half the money. Also, my postage meter arrived today – and maybe it’s silly, but I’m excited about having it.

It was so warm in the house today that I had the a/c blasting, then forgot to turn it off when the sun went down, and now the house is FREEZING, and I have only myself to blame.

I’m looking forward to a quiet evening. I have a couple of unread books, but I’m not reading much, as I’m trying to finish the NaNo project on time, and so I’ve got American Gods and Kushiel’s Dart as bathroom reading – it’s unsual for me to read so slowly, but that’s the ONLY place I’m reading just now.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. We have no plans, and are only, maybe, going out for dinner, but I’m excited about decorating for Christmas, painting the dining room, and getting Christmas cards done.

For now, though, I’m gonna go curl up in bed, and try to sleep, so that I can get up early and write.


Neither my NaNo project nor any of my blogs have been touched since Monday. I’m suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of boxes left to unpack, and wondering if time would be better spent doing that than scribbling endless pages of utter drivel.

Work’s about the only thing that is going well, though I wish there were more of it. Chris Baty says in No Plot, No Problem that being busy makes you more productive, and that’s totally true, at least for me. I work best under pressure. With all this time to fill, I get restless and laggy. I need to join the Curves here, because it’ll totally help with the restlessness but I haven’t managed to get there.

* * *
Today we slept late. Well, I slept late, and Fuzzy slept almost forever. Between the time I got up (at noon) and he got up (at 2:30), I finished arranging the bathroom, and straightened the living room. Then we went to Home Depot, where we bought exciting things like a fireplace log-holder/grate/thing (what IS the proper name for those?), a flag for the mailbox (to signal that there is outgoing mail), and an extension cord.

I’d promised to make teriyaki chicken, but since we were out, and hadn’t eaten, and Don Pablo’s shares the Home Depot parking lot, we had Mexican food instead. I am now totally in love with queso, which is something like what Californian’s know as “nacho cheese,” except that it’s made with real cheese at good restaurants, and comes in a bowl, for dipping, not as an added topping. Well, not SOLELY as an added topping. Warm tortilla chips and hot queso, mmmm. (We also had actual entrees of enchiladas with rice and corn cakes, which were satisfying, and, thankfully, not too spicy for my wuss tongue.)

* * *

I wonder how much of my crabby listlessness this week is due to PMS, and how much is due to the fact that I haven’t had coffee since Monday. Probably, it’s fifty-fifty.


I’d hoped to have everything unpacked before NaNoWriMo began, but that didn’t happen. We still have a kitchen table full of miscellaneous stuff – the kind of odds and ends that could fill a junk drawer. I have so much cabinet space that we have actual EMPTY cabinets, but in this house drawer space is at a premium. My office, and Fuzzy’s office are still mainly in boxes (Well, the furniture’s assembled, and the computers are set up), and I have four boxes of clothing – I’m so accustomed to having one suitcase of clothes that having OPTIONS feels new and special.

* * *
I hosted my first NaNo write-in. Only one other person showed, but that’s okay. I made my first day minimum word count, and more. Today, I have a few work things to do, and then it’s all rainy and blustery so it’s the perfect day to dabble at unpacking and writing, and maybe make something nice for dinner, to be ready when we get back from Kinko’s.

* * *
I have a new cell phone number. IM me or Email me if you know me, and want the number. It’s a Texas exchange, finally.

I also have a new cell /phone/ – the motorola v400. It’s a quad-band with net access and a camera. Yay, new toys.

* * *
We not only voted, this morning, but also got in our daily exercise, as we had to park 1/4 mile from the polling place. There was drizzle, but it was more refreshing than annoying. The woman running for sherrif was greeting people outside the polling place (outside the minimum limit – barely). She seems nice. The ballots were so short! No measures! No propositions! And the system is so high tech: photocopied sheets and sharpies, and then the sheets are run through a scantron kind of thing. I was the 411th person to submit a ballot at my polling place this morning.

* * *
November’s always been a difficult month for me. Having the new house, NaNo, and new people to meet, to focus on, is really helping the month redeem itself.