Neither my NaNo project nor any of my blogs have been touched since Monday. I’m suddenly overwhelmed by the amount of boxes left to unpack, and wondering if time would be better spent doing that than scribbling endless pages of utter drivel.

Work’s about the only thing that is going well, though I wish there were more of it. Chris Baty says in No Plot, No Problem that being busy makes you more productive, and that’s totally true, at least for me. I work best under pressure. With all this time to fill, I get restless and laggy. I need to join the Curves here, because it’ll totally help with the restlessness but I haven’t managed to get there.

* * *
Today we slept late. Well, I slept late, and Fuzzy slept almost forever. Between the time I got up (at noon) and he got up (at 2:30), I finished arranging the bathroom, and straightened the living room. Then we went to Home Depot, where we bought exciting things like a fireplace log-holder/grate/thing (what IS the proper name for those?), a flag for the mailbox (to signal that there is outgoing mail), and an extension cord.

I’d promised to make teriyaki chicken, but since we were out, and hadn’t eaten, and Don Pablo’s shares the Home Depot parking lot, we had Mexican food instead. I am now totally in love with queso, which is something like what Californian’s know as “nacho cheese,” except that it’s made with real cheese at good restaurants, and comes in a bowl, for dipping, not as an added topping. Well, not SOLELY as an added topping. Warm tortilla chips and hot queso, mmmm. (We also had actual entrees of enchiladas with rice and corn cakes, which were satisfying, and, thankfully, not too spicy for my wuss tongue.)

* * *

I wonder how much of my crabby listlessness this week is due to PMS, and how much is due to the fact that I haven’t had coffee since Monday. Probably, it’s fifty-fifty.

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  1. I gave up on NaNO because my hands hurt so much :(…..

    that is an emoticon of me drooling and frowning. No nose because well I don’t have much of a nose.

    Oh well, I am going to peck away at the novel because I liked the plot and the voice that was developing.

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