Catching up

Well, I’m only at 14,679 words (as of 12:56 AM CST) but with Fuzzy drugged to the gills to kill the pain in his toe (he had an infected ingrown toenail completely removed today – if you’ve never had that done, it’s the WORST, and while it’s technically band-aid surgery, it’s incredibly painful band-aid surgery), I’m missing the DFW-NANO picnic tomorrow, and should be back on track by the end of the weekend. I know he’s in serious pain, because when he came home he went straight to bed, and didn’t even attempt to climb upstairs and check email.

In other news, I killed the scanner mechanism on my old HP-K60 office jet printer when I mailed it out here, and it was really slow, so after doing research, I have become the owner of a Lexmark 6100 all-in-one. It’s much sleeker than the HP, has cool light-up buttons, and the scanner part is a flat-bed, so even though I have no intention of using the fax capability, I’m really happy with the printer in general. It’s so FAST – I’d been looking at laster printers, but this is faster than most of them, and for half the money. Also, my postage meter arrived today – and maybe it’s silly, but I’m excited about having it.

It was so warm in the house today that I had the a/c blasting, then forgot to turn it off when the sun went down, and now the house is FREEZING, and I have only myself to blame.

I’m looking forward to a quiet evening. I have a couple of unread books, but I’m not reading much, as I’m trying to finish the NaNo project on time, and so I’ve got American Gods and Kushiel’s Dart as bathroom reading – it’s unsual for me to read so slowly, but that’s the ONLY place I’m reading just now.

I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. We have no plans, and are only, maybe, going out for dinner, but I’m excited about decorating for Christmas, painting the dining room, and getting Christmas cards done.

For now, though, I’m gonna go curl up in bed, and try to sleep, so that I can get up early and write.