I asked a bunch of questions. She's taken her turn, as well.

1. As a chick in cyberspace, you know that the guy/girl ratio is huge. If you were single it might be fun, but when you're happily married it can get annoying. What coping strategies have you developed for telling the inevitable comers-on that “that's not what I'm here for”?

Unless you ARE here for that…

Really, I don't have much of a problem, but I think that's because I'm not now, and have never been, a fan of chat rooms. Part of that is inherent guardedness: while my journal isn't friends-only, I don't accept unsigned posts. Period. Even on my OpenDiary site and my personal blogs. I figure, if I'm willing to put something out there – even if it's drivel – and own it, than anyone commenting should be willing to own their comments. Part of it is that I tend to be shy until I warm up to people, anyway, so I'm not likely to flirt with strangers. And then, a lot of it is luck. I've only gotten ONE spam comment on my blog, ever, and only one or two stray chat requests, so I've never HAD to cope.

2. How is Electric Tangerine going, and what direction would you like to see it go in the future?
It depends. If you mean Electric Tangerine: The Forum I'd love to see it more active, and with real discussion. Of course, the only advertising was a post or two here in LJ. If you mean & Etc. the collaborative blog, I'd like to see it also more active, but right now, I'm hand-picking people to write there, because it's very very experimental and I don't want to push people out of their comfort zone. Ideally, I'd like it to be a place where women (mostly, but not necessarily only) feel comfortable posting their favorite pieces, and offering challenges to one another. A virtual writing group, I guess?

3. You have many musical interests. In what way do you feel most musically at home? (i.e., do you like playing an instrument best? singing? dancing to live music? dancing to canned music? playing your armpit?)
Don't knock armpit tunes!
Seriously, I think in vocal music, and when I'm in my house, or even in my office alone, I'm constantly singing – I just don't sing around my friends, because, again, I'm shy. Also, I'm a total geek when it comes to music, and while I like pop, rock, alternative, jazz, blues, and some country (pretty much everything except rap), what I sing /best/ and am most attracted to are showtunes and standards, which most people don't admit to liking, in public. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Billie Holiday…

4. Are you as active in the world as you are online? How do you feel about that ratio (time spent in meatspace/time spent in cyberspace)?
Yes and no.
I'm in a nesting period right now – I love my house and I love spending time in it, and I've always been very solitary. I think this is leftover from always being the only kid at adult parties, and always being the new kid. I never developed a great love of group activities – I get overwhelmed and feel overshadowed and dull – and yeah, that's all internal, but it's still there. But, I do stuff, yeah. I used to be extremely active in the local pro-choice movement.

The thing is, when I'm hanging out on the net, I'm usually at home, and Fuzzy is in the room with me, and we're chatting and stuff, or I'm at work, and doing stuff and interacting with people, so I'm never JUST online.

I freely admit that I tend to do too much internal stuff, though, and not enough interaction with the world.

5. At any time in your life, have you passed up an opportunity that you now regret having passed up (like that time that the then-unknown Bill Gates asked you out)? How does that inform your life now?
When I was sixteen I had the opportunity to take high school equivalency exams instead of finishing, and then go to Simon's Rock of Bard College – it's a boarding prep school that takes 16 and 17 year-olds, but I felt like there was no way my parents could afford it, so I didn't push hard enough, and I ended up hating high school, and pretty much blowing off my entire senior year (I'd already been accepted to my university) because I was restless and bored and unhappy. That ruined higher education for me, to this day. I keep telling myself that someday I'll go back and finishing college, but the truth is, I don't think it'll happen. I have no patience for classrooms.