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Hi, I’m , and I’m a Domain Slut

It started in 1994, with my first very badly done home-page, a rudimentary thing, done all in Lynx. Then in 1995, I had Mozilla for the first time, and did a non-lynx page. By 1998 I owned my own domain. By 2000, I owned several. Today, I own eight, and one of those really belongs to . My husband has two. Or three. I can never remember.

My friend is as bad as I am, though a bit less frivolous with her money. Also she's more secretive about things, so it's possible she has domains I don't know about. In any case, she and I are the president and vice-president of D.S.L. – domain sluts, limited. Not only are we habitual purchasers of vanity domains, but we amuse ourselves more often than is really healthy, just creating strings of words that would be cool domain names to have.

Electric Tangerine is the result of one of those sessions.

Yesterday's purchase is not. But it is the result of finding out that had just purchased a new domain to add to her collection, and my urge for something a bit more personal, in part of my ongoing attempt to be less guarded.

And so, for the first time, ever, I have a domain name that actually refers to my real name.
Sort of.
See, when I was a kid, my mother, and my aunt, and my 'affectionate' auntie, all used to call me “Miss Meliss”. (Alliteration and rhyme are very big in my family.)

And so, yesterday I decided to see if “missmeliss.com” was available. And it WAS, and now it's MINE.
Yes, that's the real point of this post. To tell you that MissMeliss.com is up and running, and my blog is now attached to it.

(But the old blog address will forward soon, so don't rush out and change links, or anything.)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled late-night activities.