let me pry into her life.
Then she

1. What is your favorite mental image or specific memory concerning your backyard pool?
Puck the wire-haired pointing griffon puppy chasing the cheerfully sinister duck-float, and backing away every time the wind blew the thing in his direction.

2. How do you describe your present, personal style of dress? How does it differ from how you dressed or were dressed as a child?
I like clothes and fashion, but I like to be comfortable. One thing that has never changed: I love hats. Hats are my passion. And shoes. Can never have too many shoes. I hate dresses, but lately I've been contemplating them. I love skirts worn with funky tights.

3. What's the first thing that pops into mind upon seeing the word “decadent”? Can you explain the thought in enough detail to span a couple of sentences?
A bubblebath piled high with bubbles, a glass of really good wine (syrah, perhaps?), a stack of novels, and Fuzzy feeding me chocolate-covered pears (I'm allergic to strawberries).

4. What culture, other than your own, would you choose if you were required to immerse yourself into it for a year? Which aspects of your chosen culture draw you the most?
I'd love to spend a year in Finland, actually. Except for that winter-thing.
Alternatively, I'd love to spend a year making wine in the South of France.
I have an aversion to dirt and plumbing that doesn't work. Neither of those countries is terribly conservative, socially, and wrt Finland, I'm just intrigued.

5. What do you require to be in the perfect mental space to write blog or journal entries?
It helps if I have music. Doesn't matter what kind. But I don't need perfect space to blog, I need perfect mental space to write /well/. Some entries are just drivel. Some I'm proud of. But, my ideal is a cool foggy morning, with no lights on in the room, just the soft greylight from outside, and a candle on my desk for glow and inspiration. A mug of tea or coffee. I love coffee, but I'm more creative with tea. Maybe it's the anti-oxidants. My favorite writing snack is tea and navel oranges.