let me ask her five questions, and now I'm answering some for her.

1) You're a WW, and you have to design a hatchling based on me. Describe her personality, voice, and physical appearance.
“Old Gold Dragonet”
She's the color of old gold, the kind some people call “rose gold” for it's slightly pinkish hue, even if she is newly hatched. But don't assume she looks PINK. No. Rather, she's the color of the first warming rays of a sunrise – fiery gold with just a bit of pink to soften it, and while, at this age, she's gawky and uncoordinated, she's not so delicate that injury is a real possibility. Her head will always be a bit out of proportion, slightly overlarge, the result being that she tends to look downward instead of meeting things head-on, but gradually, with training and encouragement (and her full growth) she will learn to compensate. After all, we can't have a Queen bowing to her public. She's more graceful, moving, than many would give her credit for while watching her still form, and surprisingly accurate, always catching her prey on the first try.

She's a fighter, both for rider, and against her rider. Specifically, she is her rider's best friend, confidante and supporter, nudging her to try new things, and speak her mind, but she'll also give in to more stubborn moods, where she'll do all but literally stomp her foot and refuse to budge. > she'll complain when a trip to the lake is suggested. > A bit of oil, and a kind word, plus assurances that her perceptions are only in her head, will soon set her to rights, however.

Her mind voice is a rich, warm contralto in her rider's head, with a little bit of huskiness for depth. Think Etta James or Sara Vaughn. Deep and murky and warm but not lacking in power, or the occasional very surprising high note. Her physical voice is much bolder, all brassy and loud, and generally the first thing that arrives on the scene. When she trumpets in delight, or croons in sadness, she carries all listeners with her.

2) What has to be done so I can either visit you or you can visit me?
Invent tesseract technology; it's cheaper than flying. Seriously, one of us has to simply decide upon it, and it shall be done (you're welcome any time, by the way). Or, perhaps, I will actually manage to GO to D*C some year. Which isn't quite the same, but better than nothing.

3) What was the last movie to make you cry, and what was the scene?
Movies don't generally make me cry, to be honest. Pippin's song, in Return of the King came close, though.

4) What historical period would you like to live in and why?
I would love to have hung out with people like Emerson and Thoreau and the American Transcendentalists, but I also love the music and the clothes of the '40's, and it would've been fun to be a torch singer. . .

5) What's your favorite tarot card and why?
I'm really very ignorant about Tarot. I like the picture on the Page of Wands card from the Celtic Dragon Tarot (the only other set I own is the Arthurian Tarot), and the information in the book says it signifies news, when hope is needed, and contact with foreign places or people, and I like those concepts, so…that's my pick.