Empty Nest

So, Isabelle left Monday morning for her uncle's in San Diego, and Martina leaves tomorrow to go back to Des Moines. When she got here, she told us she was the Oreo Queen, so I'm sending her home with a package of those purple cream oreos that got me hooked on.

As guests go, the girls were pretty cool. I feel bad that we didn't have more time to spend with them, but I'm glad they didn't need constant attention, too. Isabelle was a blast to have around – funny, sweet, she would fit in with the rest of my friends just perfectly. Martina's quieter, but she's also younger, and hasn't travelled as much. I think she's got a thing going with my sister-in-law's 19-year-old stepson, as well.

They left a ton of Lindt chocolate bars as a thank-you gift, so if anyone wants to share, please, please say so.