My week-old spiffy computer went *poof* last night, for no apparent reason, though I suspect it's a heat issue. The high-end P4's run /really/ hot – even with five fans in the case this one was idling at 116F last time I managed to run the probe-software. Intel says that's well within the normal range, but, still…

So, I finally gave up on it, and was resolved to giving up my day off so I could go to the office and post rates, at least. I promised to do that while the boss is in the Bahamas for the next ten days, and it's something I can do remotely. But the email with the passwords was on the machine that was refusing to boot.

Then, about an hour ago, I woke up because I couldn't breathe, and the dog wanted to go out. So, I thought, “Let's take it apart and see what happens.”

I reseated everything I could easily reach, and removed a sound-cable I didn't need, and then managed to get it to boot into windows. I forwarded the mail to this system, my laptop, and then turned it off. Right now, it's sitting on the floor of the computer room, with the sides of the case still off. The dogs have been locked out of that room, of course. And I'm sitting here trying to decide if I /dare/ put the case back together.

In other news, I have the sweetest, most wonderful assistant in the whole world. brought the most amazing array of flora into the office – calla lilies, an orange lily, iris, purple tulips – AND topped that off with Purple Cream Oreos, which are not being opened until Monday. No, really, they're not.

I'd have left the flowers at the office, but since I'm taking today off (as is said assistant), there seemed to be no point So I've split them into vases, and I have a house full of flowers. Which is good, because I've felt so blechy all week that I haven't made my own trip to Bunches.

And the inner debate of the moment is: Should I go back to bed, or make coffee and read.