Office Supply Stores Are Dangerous

Re-posted from OpenDiary.

I've had a fetish for stationery ever since I can remember, but lately that fetish has branched out to include more generic office supplies.

At my office, we're a premiere account with Viking, who seem to give us deeper discounts every time we buy something.

Recently, for example, (like last week) we bought chairs. The list price was $120, the published sale price was $80, and we paid $67 each. Can't complain.

And then there are the pens. Pages and pages of pens, ballpoints that retract, but still have comfort grips, are the current favorite among half my officemates. The rest of us use Pilot micro-fine rollerballs in blue. (Always blue. I hate blue ink, but we have to use it at work, because it's generally the only way to distinguish a 'wet' signature from a copy or fax.)

My assistant brought me a PURPLE rollerball pen the other day. I love it. I love the way it flows so I can fill in the forms we use with happy purple inkstrokes. I love the way it's so striking against the white paper. It's impossible to use this pen and not be in a good mood.

It's not just little bits and bobs like pens, either. This weekend Fuzzy and I were going from store to store looking for desks (still), and I got lost in Organized Living, because I was so taken with all the little boxes and trays and…officey things.

I need a bigger house.