Maybe it was the rain

…that finally prompted us to buy the office furniture we'd been longing for since moving into this house in October, or maybe it was just that we finally had the time. As I write this, I'm sitting at my new desk, and I'm realizing just how big a sixty inch desk really is. I mean, this thing is as long as I am tall, and while my height is nothing compared to most other adults, the same length is a vast expanse of clutterable surface.

Except I've vowed not to clutter it.

In any case, I spent my morning first having my fingertips painted with nail-polish that has some cutesey name, but which reminded me of the Crayola color “orchid”…or maybe “thistle” (are those colors even in the box any more. I'll have to open the crayon box and check.) For those who are crayon-impaired, it's a sort of pinkish lavenderish color that one would normally associate with little girls in brand-new Easter hats, but the bottle was there, and Eliana was willing (I think it helped that I paid her to do it), and now my fingers are orchid. Or thistle. (Thorchid? Orchistle? Whatever.)

I spent the rest of my salon time, my precious me-time, with my feet in Eliana's lap, while I sipped “comforting tea.” As a result, I now have feet that are even happier than my fingertips, though my toes are NOT orchid. Or thistle. They are “I'm Really Not A Waitress” red. Can you tell that's an OPI color? Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, we trekked over to Organized Living, which apparently isn't organized enough to have a functional website. Despite this, they have fabulous office furniture. I wanted to buy about $2000 worth of sleek glass and steel office accoutrements, but, since that was a bit beyond our budget for half a room, and since Fuzzy has to have his desk in here as well, that didn't happen.

(Note: I love Fuzzy very much, but he's horrible to shop for furniture with. “I don't like glass. I need to have three monitors side by side. My laptop sticks over the edge half an inch. It's not a CORNER desk.” ARGH!)

So, we compromised: I bought just the desk from the glass and steel collection. It's a really sexy desk, too. The top is frosted glass with just a hint of green, like beach glass. Then there are four cherry-wood supports, and then the rest is a soft steel. No drawers, just a keyboard tray. The rest of the pieces I bought are in cherry as well. But not that dark cherry. This is a warm blonde cherry that could easily cohabitate with pearwood or teak. Yum. Just…yum. It even makes the red walls in this room actually look like they SHOULD be red. Shocking, I know. But anyway, I've added a mobile file (which is under the far right side of the desk) and a two door cabinet, which now holds paper inside, and my printer/fax/thing and scanner on top. I plan to add another cabinet with a hutch on top, for more storage, and for art and books. Maybe in a week or so.

To tie the desk and the cherry all together, I found a rosewood-stained and silver mail sorter-thing, more like a demi-hutch, really, and a matching pencil cup. The wood softens the harshness of the steel, and, with my funky red lamp, gives a sort of retro feel to the whole space, as if when I sit here I'm propelled back in time to the jazz age, and instead of typing into a computer, I'm really jetting to Havana for martinis and dancing.

Well…one can dream.

Fuzzy's side of the room isn't finished yet. His desk isn't cherry, and should really be darker than the beech it is, but it made him happy, and I can live with it (or maybe get an artistic room-divider screen, or something), and, really, anything's better than what we had.

It's after two-thirty, and I'm tired. Pictures will be forthcoming soonish. Really. Until then, be well, everyone.