The most amusing thing that I've experienced in the last two days is listening to kicking the asses of appraisers. Not literally, just over the phone. Not that I can't do that, but I have a gazillion and one other things to do, and it helps so much to have someone else make the stupid eight-times-daily harassment calls, because, apparently (and especially in Southern California) people must be coerced to do their jobs.

Besides, it's way more fun listening to someone else.

Despite having help, I was at work til eight tonight, but that was mostly by choice, and partly because I'm covering P's pipeline while he's sunning himself in Hawaii. At the end of the evening, I was pleased to discover that my office does, in fact, have a floor.

I'm out of the blah mood I was in all weekend, as witnessed by a way-too-caffeinated me being disgustingly perky on Monday. Yes, it was obnoxious. However, I must point out that I never do sustained perkiness.

In the absence of a new episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer tonight, we watched part of disc five from season three. I'd forgotten how much I'd liked that season. However, watching those dvd's has forced Fuzzy to inform me that we haven't yet watched all of season one of Babylon 5 (sorry, Fuzz, I just don't like season one) and that season two will be out in two months.

Whatever. I bought a new Palm, and a new laptop and am buying a new computer, and I go to the salon every other week. I guess it's fair for him to get a boxed set of something once in a while.

I've been really tired lately, and have been having weird sleep patterns where I wake up at 5:46 every morning. But then I go back to sleep.

I have two upcoming trips: Mexico and Florida, both in Feb. Fuzzy may not come to Mexico, with me, however. The Florida trip is for his work, though, and it'd be me tagging along just because I've never been to Boca Raton before.

Also, our eighth anniversary is in March, and I'm trying to plan a weekend getaway. It's not a surprise, so this isn't locked, but suggestions are welcome. Must be within half a day's drive, or a cheap flight, from Northern Californa.

Sorry this is such a dull update. My brain is on vacation, I think.