Collect Them All!

Those little mini-gifty things that Barnes and Noble and Borders are both pushing are dangerously addictive.

Oh, admit it. You know the ones I mean: The little 2×2 boxes that contain mini-spa kits, or desktop fountain kits, or Zen garden kits or, or, or….

I just wish they'd stop putting the pricetags on the back, where the descriptions are.

Further Tales of Self Indulgence

I spent yesterday at my salon. Well, not all of yesterday, but a good chunk.

I'd promised myself a facial to help my skin recover from the airplane trips to and from France (air travel really dehydrates me), so Erin spent the day alternately painting my face with cool masks, and steaming them off, and doing deep massage of my neck and shoulders. I tend to avoid massages, even though I love them, because I'm not very comfortable with strangers touching me, but I liked Erin from the first. She's old enough that I don't feel like I'm dealing with a teenager (I hate that), and really gentle. And she doesn't lecture about not moisturizing, and stuff. This is key.

So, what I love about Aveda products is that they're all natural and nothing smells perfumey. Even the perfume. And they ask if there's anything you don't like, which means, I got to have lots of Citrus and Mint smells, and absolutely no Jasmine or Sandalwood, both of which I detest. And when I told her I was phobic about pressure on my eyes, because of 17 years of contact-lenses and then lasik, she noted it, and made a point of being careful. Go, Erin.

She did a foot mask, as well, and we chatted about how feet are totally unappreciated, and I said that my feet totally dictate my mood. (The foot massage helped loosen up a lot of the congestion in my sinuses, too, yay for reflexology, as did the actual facil massage).

After a break, and some of their mint tea, I had a manicure. No polish, just shaping and buffing. As Fuzzy or can affirm, the average sixth-grader has bigger hands than I do, so colored polish usually just makes my hands look even smaller. (I do love OPI's color # N11, though. It's sort of a mauve with copper glitter. And in summer I use OPI red on my toes.)

Afterward, feeling all goofy and relaxed, I met Fuzzy at the creperie in the square. I love that it's January, and we can still eat outside, although I was grateful for the patio heaters at the end. We went to Best Buy to start looking at TiVo stuff, but haven't actually bought it yet. I'm reluctant about it, and not sure why. I think it's because I'll find out that I watch more television than I think I do.

Chicago the movie based on the musical, opens at Camera Seven this week, so we might go see it. Or we might not.