Mid-week Melange (Xeni-Babble in the Extreme)

I haven't updated this in a while, partly because I really have nothing scintillating to say, but mostly because my right shoulder is killing me, and I'm trying to minimize the amount of time I spent at the computer. Or at least the amount of time I spend typing. This just started, recently, so I must be sitting differently, or something. Two things that should help are the new chair and monitor stand I ordered from Viking (they'll be here tomorrow or Friday, , and they had your color in stock, too. AND they were only $69.97. Not $79.97).

My new chair is in a color the catalog calls “burgundy” and I call “raspberry.” I wonder what the real thing will look like, as compared to the picture in the book.

This line exists solely to welcome a new addition to my Friends list, , who may never actually post anything, but is a welcome reader nonetheless.

It's cold in here.

Fuzzy's stopping at Juicy Burger before meeting me here at the office, because they close at eight. Isn't he sweet? I have such the addiction to cheeseburgers. Bad, bad, bad.

I'm still shopping for a new desktop. Kinda like that PowerMac G4, but then the new loaded Sony is kinda suave, too: 3.06 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 200 GB hard drive, 1 GB RAM, 128 MB GeForce Video Card, DVD-RW and a second DVD-ROM, and the Audigy soundcard. And it's about the same price. And it's purple! Well, sort of.

B's kid is selling candy bars for science camp, so he brought in the box. As pointed out, it was Band Candy in the extreme. Need I tell everyone that the creamy caramel bars were the first to disappear? Must I mention that I was not the only person to steal them?

In two weeks, I'm leaving for a long weekend in Baja Sur, where I will drink maragaritas on a black-sand beach, and bask in the sun for six days, and try not to embarrass myself with my Abysmal Spanish, which is only slightly better than my Horrendous French. I wish I could take a year off and do language immersion courses.

I wish a lot of things.