End of Escrow

RH called me this morning at eleven to confirm that our loan was funded and would record today 'on special'.

This means that as soon as it records, which it has done, by now, we own our new house. YAY.

We're supposed to be able to move appliances and small stuff in tomorrow, as the major street in our area will be closed on Saturday, so we need ALL DAY FRIDAY to move big stuff.

Though, in this case, 'move' means, 'pay the movers to cart stuff around for us'.

I'm sitting here looking at computer desks, because we need new ones and all. Well, okay, we don't /need/ them. But we want them. And since we have to take apart everything to move, it's as good a time as any.

(Btw, if anyone wants our old desks, just yell. They're free.)

The housewarming is planned, at this point, for Saturday, October 26th. But it'll be an afternoon thing – 3-ish or so – because it's the last Saturday before Halloween, and I'm sure there are other parties people want to go to.

We're still haggling over net access from home. Fuzzy's threatening to build a radio tower so we can get wireless. I think we should just pay for the damned T1. Suggestions, anyone?