Moving Sucks

As if everyone doesn't know that. So, I'll be nice. I won't bitch about the fact that the sellers weren't out by noon on Thursday as per our stipulation for not charging them two days of rent-back, and so, on Friday, we ended up paying three men to have lunch. And I won't bitch about the fact that we had to call them at 9:00 PM on Friday to make them come get their dogs (one was a wolf hybrid) so that our dogs could use our yard unmolested.

I won't whine that the termite work is going to stretch through the whole week, that we apparently have wiring for FOUR phone lines, and therefore half the house is not yet accessible by phone, or that we still haven't resolved some cable issues.

I certainly won't complain that we've been living there since Friday, and still haven't managed to go grocery shopping (though we have to tonight because we're out of dog food), or clean the jacuzzi tub to the point where I'm willing to sit in it, as opposed to merely showering, or actually swim in the pool (and I *so* want to swim in my pool).

No. I won't do that.

Instead I'll share that Kerry from Kilroy Pest Control is the most wonderful amazing man on Earth, is funny, and smart, and spent an hour capping off the feeder line from the seller's icemaker when they finally moved their fridge out, and also offered to turn both of us into expert caulkers, and helped move the appliances.

I'll admit that I'm still in love with our new Neptune washer and dryer, so swift, so silent, though Jacobine was right, and they do sound kinda funny.

And I love that almost every room has a ceiling fan, and the kitchen has so much cabinet space, and we have an abundance of closet space, and, and, and….

So, this week, we're s-l-o-w-l-y unpacking and rearranging. We're supposed to be done with the termite work by Friday (new floors in both bathrooms, and replacing the wood floor in one bedroom), and the carpet people have already measured the bedroom and dressing room for new blue carpeting to replace the scary pinkstuff.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.
And no, it's not a train.