There are worse things…

Than sitting in an office on a Wednesday evening, watching a co-worker's pet spider crawl around it's teal plastic container. It's a wolf spider, so, harmless, but I hate spiders, and yet, even so, I'm oddly compelled to peer at this poor captive creature.

It must be the cold meds.

On the other hand, I have two loans of my own funding this week, in addition to the override I get on everyone else's loans and my own base, so, that's a good thing, because the new mortgage is about $1200 / month more than the old mortgage, and while the number isn't that scary, really, I don't like to be under financial pressure.

It's 5:22, and if I'm lucky, Fuzzy will be here by six.

I still feel icky, but tomorrow's Halloween, so it'll be almost like a day off, and we're having pumpkin ravioli for dinner, which I love, and I'm taking Friday off completely to spend some time with Mom before she returns to Baja Sur.

And I'm babbling, sorry.