Midday Melange

We were rudely awakened at eight this morning by our phone ringing. It was MBNA looking for my parents, who not only live in Mexico, but can't call him back because they can't dial 800-numbers from there. I took great pleasure in using the 'send caller to answering service' option on my little silver phone.

We went back to sleep, since even the dogs didn't want to leave bed just then, and were awakened at a much more acceptable nine o'clock by our realtor, confirming that she had the termite clearance on our new house, and was GO for SIGNOFF ON MONDAY. YES! I feel so antsy, but in all honesty, the fact that it's taken so long for this escrow has served us well. Our interest rate was half a point lower when we finally locked last week, than it was when we'd initially started our loan process, and because we're signing on the last day of September, with a November 1 loan payment, we're not paying ANY interest on the new loan. Well. One day. But what's a day?

So, if all goes according to plan, we will get the keys on Thursday, and have the appliances delivered, and the carpet guy come to measure, and on Friday we'll be having the movers move our stuff.

I'm itching to paint – there's so much PINK in this house, and I'm just not a pink person. I mean. I like baby pink…on ballerinas and girls under the age of ten. I like fuschia and magenta, but not on WALLS. This woman has one room painted entirely ruby-red, and the other maroon. The red, actually, I can live with, since it'll be the guest room, and the furniture in there will be our old black dresser set and black iron canopy bed. All very gothic.

The maroon will, I think, be the computer room, unless we decide we're having two separate computer rooms. We haven't decided yet. I kind of want the sitting room to be a sewing room. Fuzzy thinks we can put one computer in there, and the other bedroom will be my sewing room / office. We shall see.

I'm actually excited about pool toys, as well. And actually being able to treat trick-or-treaters, since we're in an actual neighborhood now, and everything.

And I'm also looking forward to having something other than my new house to talk about.

One more week.
I can handle one more week.