3rd time’s the Charm?

wrote these questions. And I said, “I can't do three surveys in one day.” But, you know, I can. Especially if it delays work.

1. Which airline do you prefer?
– For quick hops along the Pacific Coast, Alaska or Southwest (which is, yes, a bus with wings, but the price is good). For long trips? United for convenience, and Northwest for comfort.

2. Who was your first crush?
– Um. Shaun Cassidy, when I was seven. Or Ben, when I was five. Or…whatever I said a few surveys ago.

3. How fast do you type?
– 90-ish wpm.

4. What grammatical error are you most prone to?
– Sentence Fragments. But I generally use them for effect, not because I don't know any better.

5. If you could steal one album from your parents' record collection, what would it be?
– The first Sweet Honey in the Rock one.

6. What's the best vacation your family ever had?
– I don't think we've ever taken a family vacation. It's just not something we ever did.

7. Who is your favorite newspaper columnist?
– Does Dave Barry count? :)

8. Did Condit do it?
– Probably.

9. Where were you on the morning of September 11?
– In bed.

10. What's the best comfort food or drink, when you're sick?
– Melted sharp cheddar cheese on toasted raisin muffins.

11. Where did the other sock go?
– To visit the ball point pens.

12. Who was your first best friend?

13. What kind of tree would you plant in your yard?
-Something climbable.

14. Which person in your past makes you the angriest?
-My mother's first husband. People telling me they plan to hunt me down and kill me tend to bring that reaction out, though. And he stole my dog.

15. Which person in your past who you've lost touch with would you most like to find again?
-Benjamin, who I used to ice skate with when I was five.

16. Tell us about your introduction to the internet.
-We had to have email for doing FHA loans (to request appraisals, and stuff), and it expanded from there. There was a local service/portal called LiveWire, we were founding members. And then I discovered newsgroups, and had to have a 'real' account, so moved to Netcom, and, well, found PernMUSH.

17. I post in and read livejournal:
a) for diversion
b) to vent
c) to get feedback on my thoughts and opinions
d) other _Writing Practice_

18. “Which _______ are you?” quizzes are:
a) fun
b) lame
c) both
d) neither
Comments: Amusing, I suppose. I don't do them very often, but others seem to like them. Some folks do quizzes, I do surveys.

19. In high school I was:
a) the smart one
b) the popular one
c) the athletic one
d) the band geek
e) the troublemaker
f) nobody
Would you go back?
-I was the one who was on the fringes, but never quite part of, all the different groups. And no. High school was in Fresno. I will never ever ever go back.

20. What's the one thing that you want your (hypothetical or actual) children to learn from you? Table manners.