I purchased Feria hair color a bit over a week ago, maybe slightly longer, intending to try going to something near my own color, for a change. I haven't seen more than an inch of my 'natural' hair color in years, but I vaguely recall it being dark brown. The roots are, anyway.

Feria's not my usual brand, but it was the only brand that had a brown that wasn't ash.

Tonight, intending to actually use the color, I prepped my bathroom, dressed in my hair color t-shirt (a Gateway tech support shirt), and pulled out the box. For a moment, I was confused. There was a bottle labelled 1 and a tube labelled Conditioner and another tube labelled 3. No squeeze bottle.

So, I don't have the receipt, and I'm missing a crucial element of the hair color and it's midnight, and who wants to go fight with Safeway at midnight?


But in spite of being displeased, I have to wonder, why would someone steal part of a hair coloring kit? I mean, it's not even the part that could be sniffed.