The Day After

There were no orange cupcakes this year, though my friend Jennifer did call while eating one. There was chili and monopoly and about a billion trick-or-treaters.

Seriously, we gave out about $100 in chocolate.

Best costume: girl and her dog dressed as matching ladybugs.

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3 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I needed some of your trick or treaters…we have a couple of pounds of Evil, Evil candy left over. It’s in the kitchen, taunting me…

  2. I echo Thumper’s sentiment: we had a grand total of seven visitors this year. Which was better than last year’s all-time low of three, but still disappointing.

    I know that demographic trends play a role in this, but it’s still a little sad considering how busy our streets were just a few short years ago. Plus ca change…

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