Thematic Photographic: Night

Ring Around the Moon
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Carmi says that the theme for this week’s Thematic Photographic is “Night,” so I’m offering this picture of the moon taken from my back yard near Dallas just as Hurricane Ike was ripping Galveston apart, and just before I fished the frog out of the pool.

Fuzzy had the good camera in Hong Kong, so it’s not great, but there really was a ring ’round the moon, and I swear it’s not a picture of a flashlight beam.

4 thoughts on “Thematic Photographic: Night

  1. I’ve lived in hurricane country before… Or the winter, or the early spring sometimes at night. Foggy humidity moon pictures are ALWAYS COOL :) Nice shot.

  2. I’m with Malinda: great pic. It has a wonderful mood to it, made even more powerful by the context within which it was taken.

    I’m evolving away from a static belief that every picture has to fit within a certain range of technical outcomes (focus, exposure, blah…) It’s all about evoking a mood and a response, whatever it takes.

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