Glitteratti (or, Take a Lesson from Molly Brown)

I have to preface the two photos below with this information: I hate my hands. Everyone else in my family has my grandmother’s long, elegant fingers, strong nails, perfect dexterity.

Me? I have my grandfather’s stubby fingers, and my nails break if I breathe on them the wrong way. While I still own a cello, one of the reasons I never pursued it after high school is that you can’t be in an orchestra or chamber quartet if you can’t play a full-sized instrument (oh, they make 7/8 scale “ladies celli”, but those are difficult to find, or at least, high-quality ones are difficult to find, and horribly expensive when you can), and my hands are so small certain transitional and upper positions, are difficult for me.

My grandfather used to comfort my despair over my diminutive digits by reminding me that Molly Brown (the unsinkable one) had small hands also.

Ms. Brown wore fancy gloves and rings to show off her tiny hands and fingers. Me? I’m not really into rings (except my wedding and engagement bands) so I resort to nail polish. For the last several months, I’ve been having acrylic put on over my natural nails (no tips) because of the afore-mentioned breakage issue. Generally, I opt for solar nails (this refers to the manufacturer of the solution and powder, not any special daystar-related technique), which are designed to mimic a French manicure, pink bases, white tips.

Ever since dying my hair Blackberry and Indigo, however, I’ve had an issue with the fact that the purple in my hair stains the tips of my fingers. Today, Mai at ZiZi Pedispa in Arlington Highlands (shopping center, TX) suggested we use a color for the tips – she had glittery purple sitting out, and since I like purple and don’t mind a bit of glitter, that’s what we used.

Here, in crappy shots from my Blackjack cellphone, are the results:


This isn’t an essay length piece, just bloggeries I’d ordinarily have tweeted, or compiled into something in paragraph format.

– Since washing my indigo-streaked hair is staining my finger tips lavender these days, I opted for a modification to my traditional French manicure at the pedispa today. The main part of the nail is still Light Solar Pink, but the tips, where the white would normally be, are now Glittery Galactic Purple. I don’t think I’ll keep this much past Halloween, but today it’s making me smile.

– The thing that makes Starbucks’ “Perfect Oatmeal” only practically perfect and not completely perfect is that it’s all carb. I could have added protein to my drink, but didn’t think of it.

– The temporary SPIRIT Halloween shops are fun to look through but everything there is way overpriced. The animatronic Hannibal Lector was kind of cool, though.

– Halloween stuff at Target, on the other hand, is reasonably priced. I got the coolest stuff!!! And even completed CANDY shopping. Yay Halloween!

– Why use the word “bloggeries?” Two reasons: one is that it seems an appropriate term for this sort of sticky-note style presentation of random thoughts; the other is that I like the sound of the word.