A Friendly Reminder

If you’re one of the five people in the United States who isn’t aware today is election day, this is your reminder to go vote. If you are aware, go vote, too.

I don’t care who your candidate is, or what your beliefs are – and I’d prefer that you don’t tell me unless I ask you directly.

I do care that you exercise your voice by going to the polls, if you haven’t already participated in early voting, or mailed in an absentee ballot. Voting isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility, an obligation, and while it does NOT give you any special tangible treats (except for a free cup of coffee at Starbucks, this morning), it does give you license to bitch later.

Have a lovely Tuesday.

One thought on “A Friendly Reminder

  1. Done! I got there at about 8:55 AM; there were no lines and lots of parking. I walked right in, got my ballot, walked right over to a non-curtained voting booth (hence no pictures) and voted my little heart out. As I submitted it, I looked to see what number my vote was…342 in the A-L section of my precinct. Woohoo!

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