Writing Vacation

While there’s still a big part of me yearning for time and money to indulge in one of those cushy Hilton Head rental houses, I’m even more excited about my upcoming visit to San Francisco.

Today, I’ve narrowed my hotel choices down to two. One of them, the Halcyon, is really inexpensive, but funky and interesting, if not quite in the neighborhood I wanted. The other is reasonably priced, though more expensive, and in a better neighborhood, closer to my conference site, and also comes with a complimentary gourmet breakfast, discounts at the day spa next door, and an English Pub with beer and games.

The first would mean buying breakfast, and a longer travel time. I’m cool with MUNI, of course, but the other is in a much more upscale locale, and as a woman traveling alone, would probably be the smarter bet.

If you’re reading this, please tell me, when you choose a hotel, do you go for price, location, amenities, or a bit of everything?

3 thoughts on “Writing Vacation

  1. I go first for a location then I go price. I am a slave to Hilton Family properties (Hilton, Embassy Suites, Doubletree, Hampton Inn) because of my status with them….cause it means I always get free breakfast as well as upgrades to nicer rooms if available….

  2. I always like the idea of those funky little independent inn – however, the unknown scares me enough that I usually opt for the tried an true – the Marriot’s and HIlton’s. Especially if you’re traveling alone, and, in your case, embarking on a rather intensive and potentially stressful (exciting stress, but stress all the same) experience, you want a safe haven to return to in the evening. So I would probably opt for whatever is familiar, reliable, handy, and with as many nice amenities as you can afford.

  3. To be honest with you. I am a woman who often has to travel alone. I can’t always bring my husband. When faced with making the same type of choice I always opt for the more safer hotel, or inn. I may pay a bit more, but I can sleep better at night knowing that I am in a safe location. Its great that you can get complimentary gourmet breakfast, discounts at the day spa next door, and an English Pub with beer and games. To me its worth more in the long run to spend money and feel safe and secure. Then to lose sleep at night wondering if you safe enough.

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