I slept badly last night – was having a pre-migraine aura, and then just couldn’t get comfortable, and ended up waking stiff and sore and with a raging headache. Never fun. Caffeine didn’t help, either. I slept a lot and vegged a lot, and finally forced myself to at least get the work-writing done today, but my prose had no sizzle or pop.

My mother suggested taking a bath, but I’m still squicked by the large spider I killed in my tub while Fuzzy was away, and I’m out of bubble bath, and honestly, when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside a bath is not really the thing, even for a Bathtub Mermaid like myself.

I confess that I sometimes have issues with the design of my bathtub. It’s luxuriously deep and wide, but you have to step up onto a tile step and then into the tub, and it’s just tall enough that I’m not quite comfortable with it, especially when my head’s all spinny. Once in a while I fantasize about getting a walk in tub, but replacing a tub surrounded by tile really isn’t on my list of Must-Do home improvements.

Building a wet bar in the closet, however…

RIP George Carlin

I could write about how every media outlet talking about George Carlin’s death from a heart attack last night is mentioning the Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV, but none, even those that aren’t governed by the FCC are actually listing those words.

But it seems more fitting, especially since it’s Media Monday, to let Mr. Carlin speak for himself. So, the below video from YouTube is NOT work safe, but it IS appropriate.

And for the record, while I personally believe overuse of words like “fuck” reduces their impact, I also think we need to get over being afraid of words.