Who Needs Sleep?

I was up all night with a brain burning with activity and a sick dog. The former is still abuzz, the latter is now stretched out along-side my right leg, in blissful sleep, and the warmth of his tiny body is comforting in a way only Animal People truly understand.


I tried to catch some sleep today, but a gorgeous thunderstorm kept me awake. I feel like I’ve been waiting months for rain, and I didn’t want to miss it. Storms are so magical to me.


I’m torn about my hair. I was ready to go in and have them strip all the pink out, last week, but now that I’ve had time to think, and had a mall full of people tell me they love my hair, I’m not sure I want to completely de-pink. In fact, I was at the mall because I’d been so certain that I was DONE with pink hair that I didn’t re-order my usual color. The pink I ended up with is a softer one…maybe it will be a good transitional shade.


I just started reading Eat Pray Love. I was initially put off because of the title, but I’m two chapters in and so far I’m good with it. The author’s approach to spirituality and religion is much akin to my own, except that I like the “smells and bells.”


Natalie Goldberg once took a classroom full of students on a walk between raindrops. Sometimes I try to do that on my back deck. To step between the drops isn’t to defy nature, but to perceive it from a different angle.


Clay is my muse once again. He taught me a secret to success that I hadn’t considered before. I am in all kinds of love with the universe today.


Bed now.

4 thoughts on “Who Needs Sleep?

  1. I haven’t wanted to read Eat Pray Love because I’m not really into cooking or food, if you can believe it. But I keep hearing good comments about the book, and the fact that you are enjoying it might really make me reconsider.
    I loved the fact that you loved your pink hair and could actually get away with wearing it. But if you don’t love it anymore, then maybe it’s time to move on. What about blue or green??
    by the way, I can’t remember if you hate tags or don’t mind playing along. I was tagged so I’m doing it, so now I have to tag someone. Wanna play?

  2. First, I’m an animal person, so I totally get the feeling about your dog (Zorro, I assume).
    I hope he stays well.

    Second, I have this love/hate relationship with Eat, Pray, Love. I read it before everybody started talking about it, and felt a certain connection to it. (Especially the eat” part.)

    BUT, since it’s become “the book to read,” I feel myself pulling back from it – even though I had every intention of re-reading it. Perverse, isn’t it?

    Third… “walking between raindrops.” Yes. Perceive the world from a different angle. I’m ready to try that.

    Fourth…pink hair. Sorry, Melissa, I’m just too old to even think about it :) I’ll love you whatever color is your hair…

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