Restful Weekend and the Spoken Word

I’ve spent the weekend in a sort of “radio silence” mode – the mental equivalent of a colon cleanse – writing and sleeping and listening to short stories on NPR (yesterday) and breaking during meals to watch things like the Tony Award Nomination Concert tonight.

I’ve got TiVo set to record the Tony’s as I’m feeling very tired just now, and want to rest. They are the only award show I have any interest in. Live performance has some magic that no other medium can provide. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fully produced Broadway musical or a mother reading a book to her child and doing all the voices but the spoken word connects us.

Madeleine L’Engle reminded us that even the Judao-Christian view of God is bound in Story, but I don’t have the energy for philosophical discourse just now.

Words written and spoken, stories told, songs sung, dreams taking flight.
This is my world right now.

One thought on “Restful Weekend and the Spoken Word

  1. I have become addicted to podcasts and most particularly the short stories. I listen to them on my (brand new) I-Pod Touch, and it’s truly magical to hear those words spoken directly into my ear. It’s like being part of a secret society with me and the writer/reader. Love it!

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