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I’ve made it a policy not to talk politics in my blog. I have strong opinions, but I don’t feel the need to air them here. Nevertheless, the news of Obama securing the democratic nomination for President, months before the convention has even taken place, mind you, has me unsettled.

I have nothing in particular against Obama. I have nothing specific against Clinton. I think either of them would be a damn sight better than McCain, and during the Texas primary I had to really vote with my heart.

But I think all of those people who are Obama supporters and who think Clinton should just “go away,” or should have stopped running, should read

this link from Shakespeare Sister. The writer, another Melissa, has expressed much of what I’ve seen and felt this year.

I shall now return to much cheerier subjects, like the fact that my stomach hurts less today, and the cocktail of antibiotics the size of quarters, vicodin, and anti-nausea pills seems to be working.

Later today, there will be a post about something really amazing. Like swim-cap fashion.
No, really.

One thought on “Just Linking…

  1. While she makes alot of valid points, I disagree with some of what she says. She speaks of “No Graciousness in Victory,” but Obama has only spoken of her with respect and admiration for the last few weeks.

    I don’t think anyone is saying she should go away because she’s a woman, granted, I’m not watching all the news, so I may have missed that. I do think the people that want to disappear her are wanting it because they don’t see a viable way to heal the rift that this race has caused within the party. Granted, they’re probably not trying very hard, but to chalk it all up to “she should go because she’s a woman” is making some huge assumptions.

    Honestly, I was thrilled when she decided to run. And then I watched what sort of campaign she was running and I changed my mind– not because she’s a woman, but because she plays the political game in a way that I don’t like. Granted, they ALL do, but with Hillary and her most vocal supporters, it feels like if you didn’t like her, it didn’t matter what your reasons were, it was because you didn’t like women… that’s the vibe I got from her campaign. As a male registered democrat, I felt that if I did anything other than support Hillary I was a misogynist. And I didn’t like that feeling. Just because I *DON’T* agree with her politics doesn’t mean that I hate or disrespect her as a person. And yet, that’s how that article, and many others like it over the course of the campaign made me feel. Like I’m a bad person for not being on the bandwagon.

    The venom flows both ways, and people aren’t acknowledging that.

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