I Miss The Beach

I’ve been in a blue funk for most of the week, though I came out of it for a bit last night during an unexpected thunderstorm. There was brilliant lightning and intense rain, and though the storm itself was here and gone within about 45 minutes, it was a refreshing change from sun and sun and more sun.

Fuzzy mentioned today that he has to pop down to Boca Raton sometime in July, which has me thinking about Orlando vacations. I’m not really a Disney fan, but I’ve never been to Epcot and the last time I was on a Universal Studio tour was in California when I was twelve.

What I really want, however, is the beach. The wind chimes sounded much like the clanging of ship’s bells during the beginning of the storm last night, and I sat on the deck and listened to the water sloshing in the pool and pretended I was somewhere coastal.

I don’t want to live in Florida, but we live too far from the beach right now – lakes do NOT cut it – and this must be fixed.

7 thoughts on “I Miss The Beach

  1. oh I totally can understand where you’re coming from! Hey…have you bought anything from BPAL lately?

  2. Coming from someone who lives in Florida… I don’t like living here either, for a long list of reasons.

    But Epcot is a lot of fun. There are two sections to the park: The Land of Tomorrow, and the World Showcase. The former is more simple rides that inform the rider about history and technology; the latter takes you to over 12 different countries around the world. Epcot is better for shopping and eating, but it is fun to visit as well.

  3. I’m a bit of a Disney-holic (well, I once was, and I expect when I have grandchildren, I will be again). Epcot is by far my favorite park of all the Disney parks. It’s so innovative, and the miniature countries in the World Showcase are fun. I love “France” – there’s a cool movie in widewidewide screen, two great restaurants and a boulangerie, a fun shop, sidewalk artists and wine carts…tres bien.

    But it’s hotter than hell in July. Just warnin’ ya. And you’re not close to the water there either.

    Feel better :)

  4. I have a relative staying at Miami and I feel myself somewhat lucky to have a relative staying there :P.
    I am pretty much crazy about the Miami beaches which are world famous, so I’ll suggest you go there in your next vacation.

  5. I agree with you about the lakes not cutting it. I do live close to several beaches. So, I have the opportunity to hit the beaches. I do however stay away from the beaches that charge you money to use their beach. I live to far to travel to Florida. Maybe I can put away money in hopes of one day being able to afford to go.

  6. Have you been to South Padre yet? We’re in South Texas for the 4th and took some time out yesterday for SPI. It was great fun. We took the in-laws on a dolphin cruise (yes, there were dolphins, but the best part was the cruise around the island). It’s a long drive, but a great location — especially in the off season (like April or September).

    Also, I loved Epcot the most when we went to Disneyworld (I was 14, I think). But I heard they replaced my favorite ride (the land of tomorrow ride) with a go-cart speed racing thing. **sighs** I bet it would still be fun there, though!

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