Changing sheets at 2 AM is never fun, and it’s especially not fun when you’re doing it because your dog just had a mild seizure and voided his bladder on the bed, soaking a comforter, bedspread, quilt, two layers of sheets and the mattress cover, but not (thankfully) the mattress itself.

He hasn’t had a seizure since 2002, and I suspect this one was connected, not to his epilepsy, but to his heart condition, because he started coughing just before it happened, and I didn’t catch him in time.

Note to self: From now on assume coughing means his bladder is full and take him out.

2 thoughts on “Zorro-ific

  1. Aww, poor thing! I don’t know anything about having to clean up dog pee, but I do know about being woken up in the middle of the night to clean up the ultimate cat puke. One of our cats runs from her puke… while she’s still throwing up. This makes for a wonderful room full of puke in different spots. And she always tends to throw up right after eating…

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