Sleep, Silence and the Silver Screen

I haven’t updated CafeWriting for May YET, and May is more than half over, and I’ve barely blogged here. I’m not sure why. It’s not that I don’t want to as much as that I’m CRAVING sleep lately – I who fight sleep most of the time, am suddenly not able to get enough sleep ever.

This may be a reaction to increased exercise, or summer creeping up on us, or it may not, but I still haven’t found equilibrium, and until I do I’m working on fiction and workstuff, primarily. So, now you know.

Speaking of fiction – I posted this in LiveJournal & Twitter, but not here: my story WASPISH was live at Every Day Fiction earlier in the week. The direct link is here. I think it’s pretty good considering I spent all of ten minutes on it.

We saw IRON MAN with my parents while they were here, and saw PRINCE CASPIAN today. As I write this we’re watching THE WATER HORSE. (An aside: Ben Chaplin is so completely on my freebie list.)

Today as we left the movie theater a car full of teenagers pulled up near us, rolled down the windows, and yelled “We love your hair,” which made me laugh, because honestly, it’s a conservative cut, it just happens to be pink. Very pink.

Our only plans for tomorrow include putting together my bench, and hooking the propane up to the new grill. Yay grills. Yay MEAT.

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