Living Pinkly?

I’m in the middle of reading this novel I picked up from the $4.98 table (as one does, sometimes) because I liked the title, Pink. The main character does NOT have pink hair like I do, but she does have a very pink attitude. Oh, not in the simpering sweet sense, but in the sense of having a punch of color in both her wardrobe and her attitude.

In another era, I guess she’d be described as spunky. Is pink the new spunk? Perhaps.

Even so, she’s an interesting character, and her contribution of a friend’s wedding is not to pick out the bridesmaid gifts but to design the gown. I love fashion. I love design. I wish I could draw…this book makes me want to learn very badly.

I’ll be formally reviewing it over at Bibliotica early next week, but in the meantime, I just wanted to share that I’m enjoying this novel about a young woman living pinkly.