Update on Zorro Dog

So we’re back from the vet, and we only spent $195, which for Zorro is almost nothing, considering we used to spend $120 a week in acupuncture and Chinese herbs for him.

Here’s where we are:

Heart murmur: stage 6 of 6. We’re having an ultrasound done @ the 15th in order to determine if it’s really as bad as it sounds, and to come up with managed care. There is no cure for canine heart disease, only treatment of symptoms.

Heart is enlarged: enough that it’s pressing his trachea almost into his spinal cord. Current resting heart rate is 176 bpm. It should be more like 120-130.

Lungs have fluid: not a lot, but enough to make breathing an effort.

Hips: are sore because blood isn’t being oxygenated and because he’s old and has a touch of arthritis.

As well: he has a bit of bronchitis / kennel cough, though not the official virus that bordetella shots are supposed to prevent.

Drugs we now have for him:
Clavamox (antibiotic)
Enalapril Maleate (an ACE inhibitor, to lower blood pressure)
Lasix (a loop diuretic used often in racehorses with congestive heart failure, to help reduce the edema)
Cough suppressant (which will hopefully let him sleep and soothe his throat.)

As well, he is banned from walkies.

I can’t wait to see the end of tonight and this year. As someone already said, 2007 has been a suckful year for animals, and a less than great year overall.

We will be going back in ten days to follow up, and doing an ultrasound around the 15th to get a better idea of the heart issues.

6 thoughts on “Update on Zorro Dog

  1. I am hoping that Zorro stays well and all of his medicines work to benefit him. And I hope for the best of everything in 2008

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your faithful companion. I know how difficult it is to watch a beloved pet suffer, and I hope that Zorro weathers this one well.

  3. Let’s hope that nice cocktail of medications does the trick.

    This wasn’t what you wanted to come home to, was it?

    Thinking good thoughts and easy breathing for your Z-Man (and you).

  4. Lots of love to you little Zorro, from a stranger who loves her own dog more than life itself. We hope you are resting comfortably and breathing easier, and we hope you get back to your walkies soon!!!!

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