It’s All About Me!

The EasyWriter from Writer’s Blog tagged me with a meme, the purpose of which is to list seven things about myself and then tag a few others to participate. Since EW is always supportive, how can I say no?

  1. Fashion: At the age of thirty-seven I am finally at the point where, while I appreciate fashion, I’m fine with my own tastes dictating what I wear. And yes, sometimes that means pink sneakers, black jeans, and rock star graphic tee-shirts.
  2. Eyes: Mine are brown. I’ve never wanted them to be another color, never really fantasized about wearing colored lenses. I like my eyes. I’ve always liked my eyes. Most days, I like my eyebrows as well.
  3. Musical Crushes: I’m totally in love with my husband, but I still have crushes on people, generally musicians. I’ve blogged about my giddy love of Jason Robert Brown’s work, before, but what’s truly disturbing is that I had James Marsters’ “A Civilized Man” pumping through my iPod shuffle (pink, of course) on walkies today, and I just ordered his newest cd.
  4. Violets and Roses: Neither is among my favorite flowers, but lately I’ve been really intrigued by perfumes that have violet and rose elements. I’m also shifting my love of BPAL a little, because Possets is speaking to me more just now.
  5. Cheese: I like chocolate, but cheese is my favorite thing in life. It’s the hardest thing for me to limit, too. My grandfather used to call me a cheese fiend. He was not wrong.
  6. Brick and Tile: I love the way brick feels when it’s sun-warmed or rain-slicked. I love the way ceramic tile feels cold under my bare feet even on the hottest day. Brick and tile are two of my favorite construction/decor elements.
  7. Coffee: It’s not just a drink for me, it’s a lifestyle. Even on days when I don’t actually drink any. (This actually happens more often than you might think.)

I am now required to tag people. Most of my friends are anti-tag, but there are a few people who might be willing to play along, so , I tag:

And anyone else who cares to participate.

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