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Holidailies 2007

From the Cafe Writing December Project: List seven traditions – big or small – that you and your family observe. You don’t have to explain them, but it’s more fun for readers if you do.

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As it’s December, and I’ve just strung my house with lights, and my lit tree is resting in the window, as yet bare of ornaments, I offer seven of my family’s Christmas traditions.

  1. Resting Tree: We generally let the lit tree sit undecorated for a few days, even though it’s plastic, just so we can get used to where it is, and get a feel for the best side and worst side, etc.
  2. Ornaments: From childhood, my mother and I would take out all the ornaments and talk about each one as we hung them on the tree. Most of our ornaments are hand-made or specially chosen, and none are plain glass balls.
  3. Pfefferneusse: My mother and I share a box of pfefferneusse cookies every Christmas. These spice drops are perfect with coffee, and represent a shared history.
  4. Aglio Olio: It’s a garlic and olive oil sauce that you toss with fettucini, and it represents our family’s Italian heritage. For most of my life, my mother always made it on Christmas eve.
  5. Stockings: As we’ve grown older, we’ve pretty much stopped with huge presents (except between Fuzzy and myself) and embraced the challenge of only buying items that can fit in a stocking. Some years, this is extremely easy, other years, rather difficult, but it’s always fun, and it limits the amount we spend, as well.
  6. Brie: I am a cheese fiend, and one thing always in my stocking is a small round of brie. Yay for runny cheese!
  7. Tinsel: We no longer use it on our tree, either at my own house or at my mother’s in deference to the memory of my deceased uncle Merrell. I wrote about it in 2005 for that year’s Holidailies. The entry is here.

6 thoughts on “Tradition, Tradition

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  2. That garlic and olive oil sauce sounds really good. I think my husband would love it!!

    That is a lovely tradition in remembrance of your uncle. Happy December.

  3. I actually like #5 because it’s always the thought that counts! I’m always fascinated with how people come up with ideas for gifts in stockings or even games when it comes to gifts for Christmas.

    #3 is interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever tried those.

  4. It’s interesting how traditions start and are maintained. The #3, the pfefferneusse brings back an instant taste memory.

  5. I forgot about the cookies my mother-in-law makes for us every year until I read about your pfefferneusse. Hers are a jam-filled cookie instead.

  6. well i enjoyed the entry,, the family traditions,, but i really enjoyed the lovely story about your uncle merrell,, and your tradition to allow him to be the one that adds the little bits of tinsel shall we say to your tree every year… this was wonderful…..

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