Thursday 13: 0712.06

Thirteen Things about MISS MELISS
Things that are White

1. Snow: Chilly, crystalline goodness. I like it in small doses, and prefer the falling part to the bit where it sits on the ground to be redistributed every so often, until spring comes. We don’t get snows like that in Texas, of course.
2. Paper: There is nothing that quite compares to a ream of crisp, white paper. Paper isn’t just a substance, either, it represents a world of possibilities. The blank page, the future, the imagination.
3. Athletic socks: Ankle length or peds are my favorites. Soft white cotton, thick soles, great for use in sneakers or just padding around the house.
4. Submarine Watch Mugs: Thick white porcelain, no handles. They’re meant for wrapping your hands around, to keep them warm while you drink steaming tea, coffee or cocoa. Or gin.
5. Calla Lilies and Paper Whites: White petals, green stems, slender elegance.
6. The White Crayon: Used primarily for decorating Easter eggs, because what’s the point of using a white crayon on white paper? But important to have, nevertheless.
7. Foamed Milk: The perfect foam capping a cappuccino or mocha, before the cinnamon or chocolate shavings are sprinkled on. Before the first sip is taken.
8. The Classic White Blouse: One thing every woman should own. It can be plain, and just ironed perfectly, or it can sport lace. It’s simple, classic, always appropriate, and can be dressed up, with a jacket and black pants or skirt, or down, worn with jeans.
9. Sharp organic cheddar cheese: Real cheddar isn’t orange – they ADD the dye – it’s white, and a little crumbly. Also wonderful are wedges of parmesan or balls of provolone.
10. White Caps: The tips of the waves when the water is very choppy. Dangerous for swimming in, but so lovely to watch.
11. White, E. B. & Katharine: He was the author of Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and The Trumpet of the Swan. She was his wife, but also an ardent gardener, and author of many garden-related articles, columns, and books.
12. A Rosined Bow: White horsehair stretched taut from tip to frog, dusted lightly with rosin, ready to play the first note.
13. Animal Fur: Rabbit, Lamb, Fox, or even my dog, Miss Cleo. Soft white fur, deep enough to bury your fingers in, best when wrapped around the soothing heartbeat of a warm cuddly animal.

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17 thoughts on “Thursday 13: 0712.06

  1. I’m so with you on #1!!!

    Yesterday, I saw a lovely black & white drawing of Snape, holding a glowing white lily in his hand…absolutely beautiful!

  2. I love your TT’s—so clever! If you like white snow, we have a lot of it here!! I think we got 6 inches the night before last. Unfortunately, it starts to take on that dirty look very quickly….too bad because that fresh white snow is beautiful!

    I did not know that about the cheese! Thats what I love about TT’s. You learn something all the time from them!

    Happy TT
    Jessica The Rock Chick

  3. I love rabbit fur, Melissa. It’s so soft. Snow, on the other hand, while being quite pretty, is also quite evil. I suspect it’s the cold that accompanies it that makes it that way.

  4. Mmmm… parmesan.

    We just brought back a kilo of 30-month aged parmesan from Florence. Split and vacuum packed into 5 separate packs we’re now trying desperately not to just open them all and eat nothing but that for dinner.

  5. What a great list. You are right on about the white crayon too! I did not know cheddar was naturally white. No I will have to find some organic and try it!

    Happy TT

  6. White is a wonderful base for some many beautiful decorations. I love white lights on a tree to set off all of the decorations. And for years I had an all white tree which looked like the most beautiful winter dream covered in bits of joyous color.

    And your right, there’s just something about a fresh ream of paper and the perfect white blouse. :)

    Happy TT


  7. I love your description of snow.

    I have a friend who will not eat white cheddar cheese. She says it is not natural. No clue.

    Stop by and read my superstitions.

    Happy TT.

  8. You are so right about cheddar! It should be white and crumbly, and with a real tang. And it should be at room temperature when you eat it, not out of the refrigerator with all the taste chilled out of it. Orange blocks of chemical wax are not cheddar, they are imitation cheddar for people with stunted taste buds!

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