The Problem…

…with going to bed at 9:30 is that you find yourself wired and awake before dawn.

At least if you’re me. Fuzzy’s still blissfully asleep, and he went to bed around six. Me? I’m on my second mug of coffee, have already showered and dressed, and took some night pictures of the lights of La Paz across the water.

I’m having a mani/pedi/brow wax at ten.

It’s currently 5:10 AM local time.

I’m a little tired, but not enough to sleep.

I might read.

I might just lie on the bed and listen to the waves.

I’m not sure.

But I’m too wakeful to sleep.

One thought on “The Problem…

  1. This is true. I end up waking up at 4am if i go to bed that early. But if i go to bed an hour later, i wake up at 7 am and feel much better for the next day.

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