Have been nursing a sore throat (again) for two days – determined however that this time it’s most likely strep. Oh, joy. Being sick sort of makes everything around me feel surreal and disconnected, as if I’m looking at someone else’s picture book, or seeing someone else’s movie. Everything exists in a sort of watery haze.

It was, therefore, appropriate that Fuzzy and I watched Lady in the Water tonight. We’d missed it in theatres, and so brought it home with a free coupon from Blockbuster. I expected a weak thriller. I got a beautiful, haunting, moody, fairy tale. Shyamalan calls the tale a bedtime story and explains that he based it on made-up bedtime stories he shared with his children. As always, he’s crafted a wonderful mood, a delightful modern fable. If I had kids of my own, I’d totally buy the book for them.

My brain isn’t functioning enough to add more to this. Have a good weekend everyone.

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