New Year, New Look

I’ve had a reprieve of sorts from my first day of work, as the manual that we were supposed to receive before Christmas is not yet here. Boss says I should have it tomorrow. My plan is to bring the laptop out by the fire and read in comfort.

Granted another vacation day, I spent it revamping my blog. I do this from time to time, anyway, but today’s revamp includes the addition of a second column, mostly to hold adsense and amazon links, a completely new color scheme, and oh, yes, I changed all my various IM id’s as well (so if I’m on any of your lists, you probably got a re-auth request).

My archives and category listings now appear on the archive page, and eventually other links will go live. In the meantime, pardon the dust – it generally takes me a couple days to do all the tweaking I want to accomplish.