Confined to Quarters

It’s official. I DO have strep. I blame Fuzzy for bringing it home (his co-worker caught it from his wife, who had scarlet fever), and giving it to me, though he doesn’t seem symptomatic at all. Spent the morning getting the back of my throat prodded, buying drugs and mushy sore throat-friendly food, and had a croaky chat with my mother.

Am now going to go back to sleep, as I’m confined to quarters til Monday.

And I have nothing to read.


2 thoughts on “Confined to Quarters

  1. ooh, I’ve had strep twice. Thank god for antibiotics. Drowsiness is so much better than than that feeling in the throat!

  2. Ug! I had strep last year, and it was probably the worst I’ve ever felt. **sends healing vibes** If I can help, let me know.

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