Sleep Disordered

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. No, that’s not quite true. I’ve been sleeping, but not enough, and not when I WANT to. I can’t focus on anything – I have these writing projects coming out my ears, and I can’t make my brain focus.

It’s like… I have all these ideas, but the number of projects is overwhelming, and I committed to NaNo but what I really want to do is finish the short stories, except the NaNo project is one that’s been stewing for a while.

And this is bad.

Here’s what’s not bad:
– Took the dogs for walkies around the neighborhood this morning, when the air was crisp and the sun was just warm enough to put smiles on our faces.
– Have now learned more about SEO and web advertising than I ever needed to know. I’ve always been very attracted to marketing, and sort of wish that was the career I’d fallen into.
– I made beef stew last night, which Fuzzy thought was bland, but I quite liked. It was warm and Novembery, and sometimes that’s what food should be. Especially on a cold November night.

I had more to say, but … read that paragraph above re: lack of focus.

2 thoughts on “Sleep Disordered

  1. Beef stew is nice, Melissa, but I like stew built around Italian Sausage even more. Some lamb is nice too but I only like lamb in stew.

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