I’m not a great fan of audiobooks, really, because they tend to take too long (I’m a fast reader), but the sinus pressure in my head and the new toy (green zen vision m (30 GB)) have combined to make me a temporary fan of the medium.

My first was a total geekfest, the Alien Voices production of Spock vs. Q, performed by Nimoy and deLancie. Definitely worth the hour and the $6.

My second, which I am barely into, is March by Geraldine Brooks, which is the story of Josephine March’s FATHER away at war, and, much like Wide Sargasso Sea was to Jane Eyre is more a companion to the original work than any sort of pastiche.

Alas the reader is not quite the voice I crave, the one I remember from late nights of listening to the KPFA Evening Reading just before sleep as a freshman in high school. He doesn’t have a bad voice. But the one I remember reading The Call of the Wild is the ultimate reading voice.

And no, I don’t know the names of either.

Still, for Alcott fans, I do recommend March, by Geraldine Brooks.

4 thoughts on “Audiobookish

  1. Oh, I LOVED Q!!! His voice, his superior attitude, he was GREAT! Where did you get that?

    The Harry Potter & LOTR books are great listens, the readers have awesome British accents :-)

  2. I really like audiobooks that are poetry – it’s *meant* to be read aloud! I wear out tapes of the (abridged) Iliad and Odyssey on a regular basis. I will also listen to anything read by Alex Jennings (he does my Odyssey; Derek Jacobi my Iliad. Mind you, over here we have radio stations devoted to plays and book readings, so they’re a big part of my life. (;

  3. Hello Miss Meliss,
    This is a story you will be amused by I hope. I am a Regional Manager for 1st National Lending Services in Southern California. Tammy is a new Account Executive with us in San Diego. She went online yesterday and googled 1st National Lending Services and found your blog. We were working together today and had lunch in the Borders Cafe in Carmel Mountain Ranch. The best of several worlds, internet, tables, food, coffee, great yummy desserts and BOOKS!
    She had printed your complimentary blog on 1st NLS from March of 2005 and we decided to look you up!
    Can I tell you that I love the way you write? I am so pleased that you had a positive experience with our Marin County office, but besides that you are an excellent writer and we could actually feel the rain and snuggles or fuzzy as you describe in your last blog.
    I hope that you are doing something more with your writing than processing loans, which we are grateful that you do, you have talent. You sound like a simply delightful woman and I’m so happy you have shared a bit of yourself with us.
    Here’s Tammy…
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