Happy Friday No. 3

Friday Five memes have been around almost since dirt. Or at least since blogging began. I’m not feeling meme-ish tonight, as much as list-y, so I offer what I hope will be a new tradition here: Happy Friday – Five Things That Made Me Smile Today. (As always, participation is welcome but not obligatory).

  1. The Dawn Chorus: Around 5:30 this morning, as I left the car to run into the local convenience store to use the ATM, I was greeted by a chorus of birds so loud and so beautiful that for a moment I was transfixed. Most of them were grackles, of course, but there were other voices in there as well – finches, jays, and even an owl – it was an amazing way to start the morning.
  2. The Overpass on Loop 12: There’s a stretch of road on loop 12 (or spur 408 – I’m never awake to pay attention) that is built on a very tall overpass that always reminds me of a Harry Potter-esque train trestle, except that it’s made of concrete, not brick or stone, and it’s part of a multilever interchange…still on foggy or misty mornings, driving across it feels like driving on a road through the clouds. It’s good to have a tiny bit of magic every day.
  3. Synchronicity: We heard the same song in the same place on the road going TO work this morning, as we did coming home.
  4. Kava: I added some to cranberry juice last night, and managed not only to fall asleep before eleven (a crucial thing when one plans to be at work by six) but to have restful sleep. Tonight, I added a half dose to more juice, because I’m loopy from lack of sleep and an intense day, but wired, and since I don’t want to be bouncing off the walls…well you get the idea. No, I’m not using it every night. Yes, I’m aware that there can be side effects.
  5. Piles of Pillows: I’m surrounded by dogs and pillows just now, and it’s exactly where I need to be. Not the most exciting Friday night, perhaps, but I’ve always preferred cozy comfort to chaos or the club scene, anyway.